The Parish Museum

Originally a pre-Napoleonic museum, it was inaugurated as a museum in May 2001.

Semi-circular in shape, and recently made, on the ceiling, it has a shell relief to symbolize fertility. Among the objects collected we find several relics, including the golden planet worn by the abbot Albani in 1751, the silverware in use between the 17th and 18th centuries, and the wooden statue of the late 400 of Santa Barbara, and the door of the prisons.

The wooden statue of Santa Barbara

The history of this statue starts from a lucky discovery that took place in the 90s of the twentieth century. In proceeding with the cleaning of the basement of the church of Santa Barbara, this wooden sculpture comes to light. At first, it was not possible to understand what it represented and therefore it was decided to put it aside and wait for the arrival of the Superintendency to get an opinion on it. Well, with amazement and admiration, the statue was immediately attributed to Santa Barbara and sent for restoration.

The publication of the text The statue of Santa Barbara – A wooden testimony in the Marche of the second fifteenth century, exhibited in the Museum, is the result of the research conducted following its findings: Ettore Baldetti medieval historian, Claudia Caldari the inspector of the Superintendence and the Doctor Silva Cuzzolin, teacher of restoration and restorer of the work, are those who oversaw the drafting of the volume.